Wilson College Vision, Mission, and Values


Creating possibilities. Forging exceptional student success. Transforming lives.



Wilson College empowers students to be confident and critical thinkers, creative visionaries, effective communicators, honorable leaders, and agents of justice.



  • Honor: Wilson upholds honesty and integrity as cornerstones of individual behavior — both public and private.
  • Discovery: Wilson believes inquiry leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our disciplines, and the world around us. We encourage the transformative exploration and risk-taking that produce personal and communal growth.
  • Inclusivity: Wilson cultivates a welcoming environment in which each individual or group is respected, supported, and valued. An inclusive climate embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions.
  • Community: Wilson thrives in a collaborative, relationship-centered culture where we support one another in the broad range of high-level learning and work activities that we endeavor to achieve.
  • Service: Wilson embraces its role as an intellectual and artistic center in the region by providing programming, institutional outreach, service learning, and volunteerism, preparing our students to be active contributors in their communities.