Wilson College Values

We are committed to a set of values that embody our ideals, ideas and actions. These values represent every aspect of our life both at the College and as a College in the south-central Pennsylvania region. They challenge us and strengthen the mind, spirit, character of each individual, as well as the Wilson community as a whole.

We Value:

A Community of Individuals

Wilson’s long-standing honor principle is based on the values of respect, honesty and integrity. We respect the dignity and potential in each person of our community and give them support to express themselves in thought, speech and action. We believe that honesty and integrity should characterize individual behavior —both public and private —and that the development of ethical standards is a critical part of a Wilson education.

The core of the Wilson experience remains the personal attention, mentoring and coaching that students receive from faculty and staff, which creates an environment that empowers students, encourages intellectual exploration and prepares them to be active participants in their communities.

A Forward-Looking Education

Wilson believes in providing students with a broad-based, multidisciplinary education that helps them develop the critical thinking, creative problem solving and communications skills needed for success after graduation. Experiential learning is an essential component in ensuring students acquire these skills and Wilson is committed to providing students with a variety of opportunities to gain experience beyond the classroom that is relevant to their degree.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Campus

The Wilson community is where education and life come together. The College is dedicated to a relationship-centered learning environment that encourages intellectual exploration and personal growth. We are committed to maintaining a campus that is a welcoming and friendly place, where students find the mentoring and coaching they need for success in college and life. We believe that diversity and global perspectives are essential to a well-rounded, quality education.

An Active Community Relationship

As an institution, Wilson is committed to being a good neighbor and partner with the vibrant Chambersburg and surrounding communities. The College plays a vital role as an intellectual and artistic center in the region through programming, service learning, volunteerism and institutional outreach and we value our current and future regional partners.

Value in Education

The College is committed to finding ways to make a Wilson education affordable for all students and to
provide a degree that prepares graduates for successful lives and careers.