Education Certification plus Master of Education or Special Education

Certification Requirements

TCP students may choose to complete some courses at the master’s-level.

Graduate course options will be listed on the student's TCP transcript evaluation.

After completion of the TCP program, students would then take the remaining required M.Ed./M.S.E. courses to earn the M.Ed./M.S.E. degree. Of the ten, EDU 598 and EDU 599 are mandatory.

Enrollment procedures for TCP certification plus M.Ed./M.S.E. Students

Initial admittance to TCP with current enrollment procedures through the director of the Teacher Certification Pathways.

Enroll in the appropriate 500-level courses (use the TCP graduate course registration form, requires advisor's and graduate education director's signatures).

Upon completion of the student’s TCP certification requirements and confirmation of PDE Instructional I certification, the student will apply to the M.Ed. or M.S.E. program. The application fee will be waived since students will have already paid a TCP application fee.