Philosophy and Religion

The primary mission of the programs in philosophy and religion is to deepen understanding of the philosophical and religious traditions most often associated with Western culture and values—Christianity and Western philosophy. The programs also strive to acquaint students with the study of minority and non-Western philosophies and religions. Students may elect to major or minor in either religion or applied ethics, or to pursue a minor in philosophy.

Courses in philosophy and religion examine fundamental issues of human existence, such as good vs. evil, the meaning of life and faith in God. Students also consider practical issues of the moral life, such as animal rights and the role of religion in public life.  The primary method of learning is dialogue with other students and professors about works of historical and contemporary interest in philosophy and religion.

Career Opportunities

Students majoring in either religion or applied ethics are well-equipped for positions that call for perceptive and insightful thinking. Alumnae/i have pursued professional and graduate degrees in such fields as ministry, law, counseling and social work. Others have opted to pursue employment opportunities in teaching, human resources and youth ministry.