Department of Nursing Mission

Faculty in the Department of Nursing actively engages in transforming lives through the promotion of health and in increasing the quality of health care, particularly for underserved and vulnerable populations. We will cultivate a multicultural community of faculty and students to create innovative models of education and practice, foster well-being and a collegial spirit that employs an interdisciplinary approach to nursing education. To accomplish these goals, we embrace the following values:

  • Diversity and respect
  • Collaboration and excellence within a culture of safety
  • Stewardship of personal and environmental resources


The central purpose of the Department of Nursing is to increase the quality of healthcare by graduating nurses who excel in meeting the healthcare needs of individuals and the community in a rapidly changing environment. The department provides an education that is interdisciplinary in nature and designed to meet the ongoing challenges of a changing world. Nursing education at Wilson College is holistic in nature and supports the belief that nursing practice is based on providing those we serve with the tools and information necessary to sustain growth and promote self-care.

Expert nursing care addresses patient and family advocacy, promotion of health and wellness, prevention of illness or injury, and the relationship of physical and emotional well-being to the environment. In collaboration with other disciplines, nurses promote optimal healthcare and the comfort of individuals and the community through the systematic application of knowledge.

Nursing, as a profession, is an art and a science. Implicit in the practice of professional nursing is accountability for professional growth and practice, demonstration of leadership and commitment to the development and application of nursing theory and research. Lifelong learning leads to the optimal development of both the individual practitioner and the discipline of nursing.

Wilson College believes that the education of nurses must support and encourage critical thinking and promote awareness of social and cultural diversity among individuals. The core of the Wilson experience is the strong connection between student and professor that encourages students to take an active role in the learning process. The collaborative, student-focused nature of the academic program creates an individualized education that motivates students to push the boundaries of personal expectations. Professional knowledge and clinical competence occur as a result of engaged student involvement and faculty mentoring.