Master of Arts in Humanities

The Master of Arts in Humanities has been designed to actively engage working professionals and serious students in humanities fields in order to continue and accelerate their understanding of the critical interrogations, processes and investigations that mark the field. The program is built on the best and most current practices found within the humanities division and focuses students on learning to articulate their own expression of original ideas based on rigorous theoretical, critical and historical study of the humanities field.

A significant goal of the program is to prepare students to genuinely enjoy engaging their intellect in a variety of humanities subject areas while also focusing the student in an in-depth study of a topic that will become that student’s area of expertise. Ultimately, students will learn to conceptualize and write critically on a variety of areas within the humanities before pursuing a particular subject area in which they can achieve expertise.

Students enter the program from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many will be professionals returning to college to pursue graduate study. Others may come into the program directly from their undergraduate work. Local educators and teachers may also pursue this degree to deepen their knowledge of their own subject areas and expand and refine their pedagogical expertise. Some may be embarking on a new career, while others may be seeking further opportunities where they work now. Some students merely wish to pursue the degree for their own intellectual curiosity and to satisfy the personal goal of achieving their graduate degree.

Regardless of students’ motivation, this degree will aid in achieving their goals. Graduate study in the humanities can prepare students for careers in teaching and education, publishing and communications, nonprofit work, government work, arts and arts management and many other fields. The skills and knowledge gained though this degree – combined with Wilson College’s traditional hands-on investment in students and their education – will only aid in making their education the experience they hope it to be.