History and Political Science

History and political science is an interdisciplinary liberal arts major. The interdisciplinary emphasis deepens understanding of the nature and development of human institutions and behavior. In particular, students gain a historical perspective that is vital to a comprehensive understanding of contemporary social and political issues. Courses in the major also increase the student’s awareness of strategies available for dealing effectively with these issues. The program emphasizes development of skills useful in various occupations, as well as in graduate school. Coursework stresses development of verbal and written communication skills and analytical thinking. Small class sizes allow faculty members to frequently use innovative teaching methods, including simulations and collaborative learning.

While breadth of knowledge in the major is emphasized, students also concentrate in an area of their choice. Concentrations are offered in these areas: history, political science and thematic.

Note: A certificate for secondary teaching in social studies is also available; see education curriculum for secondary teacher certification.

The study of history and political science is an excellent introduction to the study of law. Virtually all Wilson alumnae/i who have applied to law schools have been accepted. Career choices include politics or government service, social service, publishing, librarianship, teaching, museum work, journalism, business or criminal justice. Some careers require graduate study. Wilson has an excellent record in graduate school placements. Students are assisted in planning their academic programs to meet the needs of advanced degree programs.