Liberal Studies, Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts in liberal studies is designed as a transfer program to a bachelor’s degree at Wilson or elsewhere. Students matriculating in this program will receive a solid background in general education courses. They will also have the opportunity, in consultation with an adviser, to elect courses of unique benefit to them as they contemplate their bachelor’s degree major.

Foundations requirements:

  • Writing skills: Students must complete one of the following - ENG 101, ENG 104, ENG 108 or ENG 180
  • Foreign language: Two courses in one foreign language or placement above the intermediate level; students who place above the intermediate level must complete two additional free electives
  • Computer skills: Any computer science course, typically CS 110 or CS 150.
  • Quantitative skills: Successful completion of one quantitative skills course (PSY 115, MAT 101, MAT 103, MAT 115 or above) based on placement.

Liberal studies requirements* (at least one must be a writing-intensive [WI] course):

Eight courses (one in each of the following categories):

Foundations of Western Culture (FWC) or History of Western Culture (HWC)

Natural Science with a Lab (NSL) or Environmental Studies with a Lab (ESL)

Contemporary U.S. Culture and Institutions (CC)

Women’s Studies (WS)

Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (CD) or Non-Western Cultures and Institutions (NWC)

The Arts (ART)

Literature (LIT)

Frontiers of Knowledge and Human Beliefs (ETH)

Five additional free electives

* Courses must be taken in at least four different disciplines with at least three courses at the 200 or 300 levels.